Court Disability Coordinators

Alexander Carey Simmons Circuit Clerk 618.734.0107
Jackson Allison Mileur Trial Court Administrator 618.687.7345
Johnson Ryan O'Neal Circuit Clerk 618.658.4751
Massac Marcus Grace Circuit Clerk 618.524.9359
Pope Sean Goins Circuit Clerk 618.683.3941
Pulaski Stephanie Crain Circuit Clerk 618.748.9300
Saline Randy Nyberg Circuit Clerk 618.253.5096
Union Keri Clark Circuit Clerk 618-833-5913
Williamson Brenda Ritter Judicial Secretary 618.997.1301 x1268

For additional information you may contact John Murry, Trial Court Administrator at 618.997.1234.


Supreme Court of Illinois Policy on Access for Persons with Disabilities


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